PicoCTF 2014 Write-ups

PicoCTF 2014 Write-ups

      ====        ________                ___________
  _D _|  |_______/        \\__I_I_____===__|_________|
   |(_)---  |   H\\________/ |   |        =|___ ___|           _________________
   /     |  |   H  |  |     |   |         ||_| |_||           _|                \\_____A
  |      |  |   H  |__--------------------| [___] |         =|                        |
  | ________|___H__/__|_____/[][]~\\_______|       |        -|                        |
  |/ |   |-----------I_____I [][] []  D   |=======|__      __|________________________|_
__/ =| o |=-~~\\  /~~\\  /~~\\  /~~\\ ____Y___________|__  |__________________________|_
 |/-=|___|=    ||    ||    ||    |_____/~\\___/               |_D__D__D_|  |_D__D__D_|
  \\_/      \\O=====O=====O=====O_/      \\_/                  \\_/   \\_/    \\_/   \\_/
CTFs, or Capture-The-Flags, are computer security competitions where contestants must solve challenges to find a flag (typically a string). These challenges can range in subject and difficulty from reverse engineering files to exploiting buffer overflows. PicoCTF is a CTF created by student-run organizations at Carnegie Mellon University targeted towards middle and high schoolers.

We are Steam Locomotive, a team of 5 high school students from the Liberal Arts and Science Academy in Austin, TX. We are:

During PicoCTF 2014, we accumulated a total of 4985 points and finished in 18th place.

We are also extremely appreciative of the members of our sister teams at the Liberal Art Science Academy that have contributed writups. They are:

This GitBook's goal is to contain a comprehensive set of write-ups for all of the challenges in PicoCTF 2014, complete with each problem, explanation of its solution, and the flag. It is a constant work in progress, so if a write up is not posted immediately, don't worry! We are working as fast as possible to add all of the problems, and should have them done within a couple weeks.

We would like to thank the creators of PicoCTF, Plaid Parliment of Pwning and Team Daedalus for the competition and all the participants of PicoCTF for making it a blast! Also we'd like to give a special shoutout to HSCTF whose own GitBook inspired this one.

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